Survey &
Empirical Research

  • iCOOP Members’ Consumption Pattern and Attitude Survey (every 3 years)
  • commissioned researches from iCOOP KOREA and other public and private organizations.
  • Korean co-operative history, co-operative culture, co-operative enterprises and businesses, cooperation among co-operatives, Korean co-operative movement theory

Education &

  • iCOOP Community College

: advanced training course of iCOOP KOREA co-operative activists and staffs

: 2 year course, 4 tracks (liberal art, democratic leadership, social science, co-operative management)

Public Awareness
  • Ethical Consumerism Contest (yearly) contest

    : research papers, essays, graphic and multimedia contents focusing on future ethical consumer (kids, teenagers, young generations)

  • Co-operatives Journal (quarterly) Follow-up lecture (bi-monthly)

Public Relations
and Promotion

annual report (starting from 2013)

  • Participate in the network of worldwide co-operative research institutes with a sense of solidarity and cooperation among co-operatives.
  • iCOOP Overseas Co-operative Research Trend Report, e-Newsletter (monthly)
  • pilot projects like joint research and conferences