iCOOP Co-operative Institute is a non-profit research institute financed by the donations of iCOOP KOREA consumer members. It was originally established as an affiliated institute of iCOOP KOREA in 2006 and converted to a foundation in 2010.

  • Contribute to iCOOP KOREA in actively responding to the global and Korean social changes as a leading think-tank of it.
  • Support the development of Korean co-operative movement both in quality and in quantity by theorizing its innovative action with collaboration of activists, practitioners and researchers.
  • Contribute to enhance the quality of life and sustainable development of Korean society by enlightening and raising awareness of co-operative movement’s socio-economic impact to the citizens and public authority.
  • Function as a research stronghold of iCOOP KOREA in promoting development of the co-operative ecosystem, members’ movement for local community and cultivation of co-operative life.
  • Develop as a leading education base in training co-operative citizens and nurturing new leadership in co-operative movement.
  • Become an indispensible and innovative actor of Korean co-operative movement by building a live network with national and overseas research institute and researchers as a creative and scientific co-operative institution combining investigation, research and action.

Add : Ilmankwan 2B-204, Sungkonghoe Univ. 320, Yeondong-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, 08359, Rep. of KOREA

Tel : 82-2-2060-1373

Fax : 82-2-6499-1372

E-mail : icoop-institute@daum.net

iCOOP KOREA is a consumer co-operative group making alternatives through economic activites in respect of problems in our everyday life such as food safety, child care, gender, environment and agriculture in cooperation with members and their neighbors. iCOOP KOREA practices contract cultivation through partnership with farmers and provides consumers with reliable and eco-friendly agricultural products through direct dealing with producers. iCOOP KOREA puts ethical consumption into practice for myself, my neighbors and saving ecosystem in the globe.