iCOOP Co-operative Institute (foundation)

first established as a voluntary association with a name of “Korea Consumer Co-operative Research Institute” in May 2006.

It re-established itself as a foundation in March 2010.


It is funded by 270 thousand iCOOP KOREA members’ donations.

Its mission is to become the think-tank of iCOOP and the platform of Korean co-operative movement.


It conducts variety of surveys, researches, archives, and education to contribute to iCOOP’s knowledge-based management

and to enhance knowledge sharing for nurturing sound culture of co-operative movement and to contribute to the

development of Korean co-operative movement.




  • Help iCOOP KOREA to actively respond to social changes in Korea and globe as the leading think-tank of iCOOP.

  • Contribute to the qualitative and quantitative development of Korean co-operative movement by theorizing its innovative practices with close collaboration of activists, practitioners and researchers.
  • Contribute to the enhancement of quality of life and sustainable development of Korean society by enlightening and raising awareness of co-operative movement’s socio-economic impact to the citizens and public authorities.




  • Become a research stronghold that promotes the co-operative ecosystem, members’ movement for local community and cultivation of co-operative life which promotes the development of iCOOP KOREA.
  • Become a leading education base in co-operative citizens training and new leadership development and advocacy in co-operative movement.
  • Recognized as an innovative actor of co-operative movement by building a live network with national and overseas research institutes and researchers as a creative and scientific co-operative research combining investigation, research and practices.




  • Become a devoting and fulfilling intelligence for members and co-operative movement

  • Become the most trusted research institute about consumer co-operative movement

  • Nurture the sprout of co-operation and encourage cooperative culture
  • Promote the synergy effects of fulfilling researchers and studying activists




Tel : +82-2-2060-1373

Fax : +82-2-6499-1372

Email : icoopinstitute@gmail.com

Facebook : icoopinstitute

07317 Samsung B/D 3F, Yeongdeungpo-ro 62-1 (Singil-dong), Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Rep. of Korea